Wholesaler for extra virgin olive oil

The “Manoussakis” olive oil company is applying a full quality control programme from the olive grove to your table. The experience of our family in cultivating olives and producing olive oil has been reckognised for many generations.

It is attested with the “Manoussakis” trademark
that appears on all of our containers.

Olive Cultivation - Our olive trees are cultivated using biological and traditional methods. Our region’s ideal climatic conditions (several months of sunshine during the year, dry climate..) combined with the lack of use of conventional fertilizers, the prompt picking of the fruit and the correct storage contribute to the production of high quality olive oil proved by analyses of certified laboratories.

The aroma, the light green colour, the consistency and the rich flavour are the essential characterestics that attest to its quality.

Filtration and acid

The olive oil, as a natural liquid extracted from
the fruit of the olive tree, is a number one nutritious factor, a source of health and life. It contributes to the prevention of several diseases since it contains more monosaturated and less multisaturated acids than other vegetable oils.

The multisaturated acids are oxidised easily and
go bad as time passes or with use. Therefore, only olive oil can be used for longer time.

Extracting the olive oil

The olives are hand picked and carried in sacks to approved olive factories according to European Union regulations. There, the oil is extracted from the olive pulp using mechanical and natural methods at temperatures of 25 - 30°C in order to maintain properties and characteristics that testify to its quality.

You will get more informations about the product list, storing and packing of the oil and its history here ...
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